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Course for entrepreneurs who wish to import alcohol products in Mexico for themselves and/or for other clients. Detailed look at a step-by-step process from required authorizations, legal processes, selection of third parties and more to ensure a financial stability for your operation with a maximized chance of success.

8000MXN + IVA per company per course

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CPF Francia

A quick look at what our Consulting offer includes for

providers/producers of foreign alcohol beverages who wish to sell in Mexico


Part. 1 - Required authorizations

Part. 2 - Customs’ Agent

Part. 3 - Fiscal Stamps (MARBETES)

Part. 4 - Storage

Part. 5 - UVA and legal requirements per products

Part. 6 - Taxes

Part. 7 - Case of a buyer with required importation authorizations Part. 8 - CPF “Personalized importation” in case the buyer cannot import directly

Part. 9 - CPF Packages

Part. 1 - Required Authorizations

A detailed look at every single authorizations required, how to get them, at what cost, in which timeframe. Getting these authorizations in Mexico is extremely difficult, and this is the reason why it is important to know every single step of the way in a detailed manner for you to optimize your chances of beginning your business in the country without bad surprises and unwanted delays.

There are over 5000 companies (moral and physical entities) in Mexico offering that service.

However, alcohol is a tough subject on this service industry. How to choose an agent? What kind of agent do I need? What is the best way for them to invoice me? Which services do I need?

Those are the questions this section will answer. Seeking the right agent to optimize the importation costs and ensure a competitive pricing in the market and not burn your brand before it even hit the shelves.

Part. 2 - Customs’ Agent

Marbetes are Fiscal Stamps. They are only available to active importers with all the legal requirements and national alcohol producer with the legal requirements for selling alcohol.

The great question now is: How can I get them? Do I automatically get my requests approved? What can go wrong? How much does it cost? How do I get them pasted on my products? How to assign them to products? Which type of request should I make when requesting marbetes (out of the 3 options), and why?

This process, like every other process when it comes to importing alcohol in Mexico, is heavy, long and ludicrous, yet unavoidable. There is no way around it, so how do I do for it not to be a burden?

Part. 3 - Fiscal Stamps (MARBETES)

What kind of storage do I need? What is the strategy behind both options of storages in Mexico? How can I save money? What financial and fiscal benefits can I get?

Storage is just another piece of this complicated puzzle, and many have been ruined by simply choosing wrong. Let CPF show you all the Pros and Cons of each options, how can you benefit from them according to your own strategy and projections.

Part. 4 - Storage

If you sold alcohol to China, you are used to terribly annoying rules regarding back labels and customs’ verification units that look for any detail to charge you with a ticket for unconformity.

Mexico is even worse. Rules are not only terribly strict and almost impossible to comply with, they keep changing every year or even every 6 months at times. CPF shows you the basics of the game of UVA and labels and how not to get caught in extra needless expenses due to these tough rules.

Part. 5 - UVA and Legal requirements per products

IEPS, IVA, these taxes do not follow the same rules as usual taxes on consumption products in Mexico. There are ways to strategize to not have to be spending so much for the government at once, and not to make your product seem incredibly expensive to the consumer.

Do not look it up online, the way these two work together are in no way comparable to any of your tax game back in your country. We will explain you in a detailed yet comprehensible manner how to calculate them, and how to not get trapped by them and remain competitive no matter what.

Part. 6 - Taxes

CPF Business Solution - Consulting Service will help you in two different scenarios:

In this case, the buyer you found is an importer. What do you need to do? What do you need to provide? Do you need to register to anything?

We will explain you exactly what to do so the importation process goes smoothly.

Part. 7 - Case of a buyer with the required importation authorizations

In this second case, your buyer cannot import and needs help with that. If he does not have an importation license, it is clear he does not want to have to manage that part.

Let us do it for you both in exchange for a small commission fee. This way your client will remain happy, you will not have to stress about the customs, transportation, taxes and whatnot, and will have a team of professionals looking after every step of the way until the order gets delivered to its final destination.

Part. 8 - CPF “Personalized Importation” in case the buyer cannot import directly

A detailed look at the services CPF can help you with to ensure a successful and prosperous business within the Mexican Market.

Consulting Personalized Importation Prospection Negotiation Follow up on pending payments Etc…

Do not lose the opportunity to make your brand bigger!

Part. 9 - CPF Packages

Quality is not measured by price,

it is found in the unexpected.


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